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These days, we’re all feeling a bit of a pinch every time we fuel up. Chevy vehicles are fuel efficient by nature, but they can still use your help. To that end, stop in for regular Chevrolet service and follow these tips from Chevrolet of Wesley Chapel. 

Help Your Car Lose Weight 

Clearing clutter like excess cargo and random junk sheds weight. This, in turn, means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard. 

Don’t Just Sit There 

New cars don’t need to be warmed up. The engine warms best by driving. Also, use your engine’s stop-start feature, because extended idling is terrible for emissions and fuel economy alike. 

Plan Trips 

Stop-and-go traffic guzzles gas. Plan your trips by time of day and route to avoid heavy traffic. Backroads will often get you there just as quickly thanks to steady traffic flow. 

Drive Steadily 

Fast starts and hard acceleration can cut city fuel economy by up to 40% and highway gas mileage up to 30%. Because higher speeds and hard acceleration demand more fuel, drive steadily. Even seemingly small things like using EZ-Pass and cruise control limit stop-and-start driving. 

Fuel Economy Physics 

Drag (wind resistance) cuts into gas mileage, too. Keeping your car clean helps. Removing external accessories like bike/kayak racks and roof boxes, and keeping the windows up in fast-moving traffic, also reduces drag. 

Understand Drive Modes 

We get it, Sport mode is fun. However, it uses more gas. If your vehicle has Eco mode, or a cylinder-deactivation feature, use it for in-town driving, or heavy traffic that doesn’t require a lot of passing and merging. 

Maintain Your Vehicle 

Regular inspections and service at a Chevy service center plays its part , too. Maintaining tire pressure and tread depth, frequent Chevy oil changes, injector cleanings, transmission service, and wheel alignment preserve fuel economy. So will wheel alignment and brake service, which reduce drag.  

The team at Chevrolet of Wesley Chapel will help with these and other essentials, so call or stop by today! 

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